This is a short compilation of a few programming best practices I try to follow to build clean and easily maintainable software programs. This is not the ultimate complete list of all best practices but should be a good step towards perfection.

1/ Use meaningful names

Always use meaningful names when creating variables, functions, classes, modules etc. Reading a variable or a function name should give a quiet clear idea about its purpose. This makes it easy to understand for someone doing review of your code or taking over your code or even yourself when reading your own code in the future or when…

This is a quick overview of how to architect a web+mobile application in a way it is scalable and highly available. We will use AWS cloud technologies to implement the architecutre to achieve these targets.

What is High Availability?

A highly available application is one that can function properly when one or more of its components fail. It does not have a single point of failure, that is, when one component fails, the application can still deliver correct results.

What is scalability?

Scalability is the ability of an application to fulfill its functions properly when its execution rate becomes higher. For example, in the case of a…

Ahmed Mahouachi

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